About Us

TILT: Bringing companies back to competitiveness through digital techs

An Innovative Experience...

TILT was born from an idea of two incredibly experienced and visionary man: Michele Balbi, president of Teorema (one of most active Italian companies into the new technologies field) and Stefano Casaleggi, director of the national center for research and innovation “Area Science Park” and strong promoter of the collaboration between public and private companies.

Tilt is the perfect match between two intersecting and symbiotic worlds. A real think tank aimed at transferring new proficiencies to entrepreneur, public and private sector managers and influencer, extending its field of action to the sphere of new talents; offering support for visibility and growth to startups and innovative companies, both at national and international level.

Born in 2016…

Started in Trieste in 2016 as a Digital Hub (with the support of the city of Trieste, Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trieste’s University and Microsoft Italy), TILT immediately became an entity operating at country level thanks to the roles and initiatives played by Area Science Park and Teorema. As a result, a selection of very promising startups located into the whole Italian territory has been identified, discovering a new mission for TILT: becoming a link between the actual traditional company landscape and the digital technologies.

Area Science Park and Teorema started a growth path toward the realization of an initiative addressing full time knowledge transfer and open innovation topics linked to the emerging technologies.

Our Mission

Supporting Italian companies in understanding digital technologies, an essential element for the national and international competitivity.
New techs’ education

Ensuring the reconversion of professional figures destined to be substituted by new technologies.


Attracting interest of public managers on the necessity to invest digital competences oriented to an evolution of citizen services and companies.


Promote and grow!

Technology and Business

It is essential to know how to access new markets and new customers

Knowing how to access new markets and new customers is the key
TILT realized that the best role for itself was in promoting the startups, more than incubating them. What the market needs is a support aimed at lining the world of traditional companies and new technologies. The technology is the main tool to access new markets and new customers, creating new solutions able to extend through digital services the reach of our traditional products.